Pressure Vessels – Popular Types & Uses

Pressure Vessels.jpg

Although pressure vessels can be found nearly everywhere, the general public is not aware of their features and characteristics properly enough to recognise them. These units play a very important role in the consistent processing as well as manufacturing processes by different commercial & industrial concerns. They also have a direct & substantial impact on physical and economic conditions of society.

Normally, pressure vessels exist in varying designs, but there are certain options which have extensive usage in a large number of commercial and industrial applications. In this blog, we are going to take a quick look at those options and their uses:

Heat Exchangers.jpg

Heat Exchangers :

Heat exchangers are used in literally every aspect of the society, right from industrial plants to food service units. In fact, they make modern manufacturing & processing easier than they actually are. Since heat can have a substantial adverse impact on various industrial processes by nature, it is vital for a heat exchanger to be designed for allowing lengthy operation even at peak optimisation. That is why, AICIP pressure vessel inspection services are in place for ensuring that.

Process Vessels :


They are primarily utilised for performing various procedures like combining different products, breaking them down, removing different elements, and so on. Process vessels generally work along with heat exchangers and storage vessels. They have specialised designs in order to be used for specific purposes. As such, their construction necessitates one or more material types.

Storage Vessels.jpg

Storage Vessels :

Storage vessels are the most prolific of the lot, as they are utilised for a wide range of industrial processes. Though manufactured more commonly in horizontal and vertical variety, they are also available in spherical units. They even come in a plethora of size options, and are mainly used for storing liquids. They are built using various materials, from among which carbon steel is the most preferred. However, a material different from that of the external body is used for the internal liners. This thing ensures that the manufacturing costs of the storage vessels remain low.

Thus, these 3 are basically the most popular pressure vessels in Melbourne, and find their usage in various aspects. The most vital requirements of these units are suitable constituent material, appropriate design and high quality construction. Ignorance of even one of these factors can result in serious challenges for processing as well as delivery of ultimate objectives.



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