Welding Hazards That Must Be Avoided At All Costs

Although the profession of welding is beneficial in a number of ways like travelling and incentive bonuses, there are several challenges that professional welders have to face quite often in their field of work. And if there is even a slight ignorance of safety hazards, it can trigger a range of hazards like high voltage shocks, suffocation from gas, explosion, fire accidents and so on.

In order to ensure safety in their line of job, there are some specific hazards that welding operators need to avoid no matter what. They have been described below in detail:


Gases & Fumes

Welding fume consists of malignant compounds of metal oxide from base metal, consumables and base-metal coatings that can trigger serious health problems. Therefore, all the areas in a welding facility must have adequate local exhaust and ventilation to prevent gases & fumes from entering the general space and breathing zone. All operators should also be made to wear approved respirator devices.


Electric Shock

Perhaps the most immediate and serious potential hazard is the risk of electric shocks. This is because a high voltage shock can lead to injury or even death. Generally, an electric shock results from contact with 2 metal objects having a voltage running between them. The best way to safeguard oneself against these kind of mishaps is by ensuring proper insulation. According to many an expert welding supervisor in Melbourne, it is also essential to wear dry rubber gloves for staying safe from shocks.

Insufficient Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment or PPE safeguards welding operators against hazards like arc ray exposure and burns. But there are reckless practices among welders which can lead to mishaps or serious injuries, and they include rolling up pant cuffs or clothing sleeves, not wearing safety goggles, not using boots with proper ankle coverage, and so on. All these habits will have to be ditched for preventing accidents resulting from absence of PPE.

explosions-firesExplosions & Fires

A welding arc can generate so much heat that the spatter and sparks may reach even 35ft away, and this often creates potential fire hazards. In order to prevent fire due to spatter from the arc, the work space should be inspected thoroughly for flammable materials.

Thus, all these hazards must be avoided effectively in order to prevent dangerous accidents from occurring within a welding facility.


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